Blanca Padilla, la española volverá a desfilar para Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

La modelo española ha confirmado que es una de las elegidas para Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017.

Blanca Padilla vuelve a subirse a la pasarela de Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

La modelo española lo ha confirmado con un emotivo mensaje en su perfil de Instagram. Blanca ha querido compartir con sus seguidores la alegría que siente al volver a formar parte de uno de los espectáculos de moda más esperados del año.


It takes a while to understand what a great key failure is. And once you get that, everything becomes more beautiful in any area of your life. I have a LONG way of learning! But I just wanted this process to be part of who I really am, so I set that goal. I worked not only my body but my mind to live the previous days and the casting day itself with a different perspective. Had up and downs on nerve wrecking (of course), but I allowed myself to feel the real excitement it brings and a lot less insecurities. It wasn’t that easy cause I’m emotional and when you walk in there your whole perfect plan kind of falls apart! I remember my legs shaking while walking in my first VS casting. But I wanted to leave that room knowing that I gave all I could and I would be able to find peace within any answer. And I left it with tears in my eyes but of joy! What a great experience. I wanted this YES, but I worked for it and I am proud of myself, for getting it AND for how I went through it. Why are we so scared to be proud of ourselves? CELEBRATE YOURSELF. Celebrate your progress. All I want to say with this is try to turn your failures around because they’re only teaching us, work on your self love and DO NOT GIVE UP. Nowadays we managed to made it a hard job to LOVE ourselves but don’t stop working on it. Authenticity is something that will never stop shining. And whoever this reaches, here’s a message for you that I truly believe: you’re incredibly valuable, you have so much to give to yourself and others. Every single one of us. Do not give up. Realize your power. I take this with me forever so Thank You @victoriassecret @10magazine @ed_razek @monica.mitro @johndavidpfeiffer ❤️for the opportunity to go through it again and for the 2 past ones, and being able to learn along the way, and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the incredible experience that is coming our way! I CAN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE THAT I AM WALKING THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW AGAIN. DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS HOW GRATEFUL I AM. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔐❤️🔐 also big thank you to everyone involved in my progress and life.. you know who you are, I feel incredibly lucky. Gracias ESPAÑA ❤️🇪🇸❤️🇪🇸❤️

Una publicación compartida de Blanca Padilla (@blaancapadilla) el

No solo eso, la top ha confesado que tuvo que prepararse y aprender a conciencia para llegar en un perfecto estado al casting y conseguir lo que tantas modelos ansían: ser una de las elegidas para lucir las novedades de lencería de la firma.

«Trabajé no solo mi cuerpo, sino también mi mente para vivir los días anteriores al casting con otra perspectiva». «¿Por qué tenemos tanto miedo a estar orgullosos de nosotros mismos? Celebra tu progreso. Trabaja en tus fracasos porque ellos son los que te enseñan» ha escrito la modelo en Instagram.

Blanca Padilla se une así a la lista de modelos que tratarán de conquistar China, pues este parece ser el país escogido por la firma. Sumándose a los 14 ángeles y rostros mas representativos de Victoria’s Secret, 21 modelos del año pasado repetirán, 14 debutarán y 4 son las que, como la española, volverán a desfilar tras no hacerlo el año pasado.

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