It’s no secret that our community’s youth is top priority for the talented and successful actress Adriana Cataño.

For years this renowned Colombian-American actress, tv host, voice over talent and businesswoman began using her knowledge and extensive professional career to mentor young talent by creating a program no other actor has offered in the market thus far: the “How To Break Into Show Business and Succeed” seminar. The seminar provides teenagers and young adults the proper tools to succeed in the demanding and competitive world of entertainment.

“This seminar is unique in itself. There are several hispanic actors offering amazing acting workshops but none of them have the experience of working as a talent agent in the general market for almost four years like I did. I know exactly what agents in the general market are looking for. My students work with top industry pro’s from both the hispanic and general market», says Cataño.

The seminar’s success has been overwhelming and Adriana, considered by many to be the “fairy godmother” of young talent for over two decades– for new seminar dates. That demand brings back the seminar on two new dates: Saturday April 4th at Imagen Modeling – at the Double Tree Hotel – 777 NW 72nd Avenue, Suite 1052. Where for the first time, young talent under the age of 13 and their mothers will receive this unique training opportunity. The little ones and their parents will be guided step by step from getting the right agent, photos, headshots, which acting or singing coaches to choose, different types of castings, protocol and etiquette for each type of casting, etc.


The second seminar will be on April 19 at the same venue and offers training for ages 13 to 25 years. This day they will get Adriana’s tips on how to get an agent, correct type of head shot, basic acting improv, teleprompter techniques, voice and diction, do’s and dont’s at castings and on the set and a general overview of the in’s and out’s of the entertainment industry. We have top industry professionals teaching at our seminar. It is an honor to team up with top industry pro’s such as Univision’s “Nuestra Belleza Latina’s”, diction, speech and body language coach Laura Moro, world renown acting coach Marc Durso and runway modeling coach, Claudia Lombardo. For the first time, Cataño is offering runway and image consulting at this seminar.

In addition, staying true to her philanthropic commitment to youth, Adriana Cataño will continue to donate proceeds from her seminars to “Scarlett Contra el Cáncer” (Scarlet Against Cancer) foundation created in honor of Scarlett –the granddaughter of renowned producer, manager and entertainment executive Solange Rivero. Little Scarlett had her leg amputated in 2014 had her leg amputated due to bone cancer.

Since its launch, «How To Get Into Show Business and Succeed» has been considered one of the top workshops in Miami for teenagers and young adults wishing to break into the competitive world of entertainment. Adriana has received several recognitions for her seminar, such as Hispanic Heritage Council’s Artist of the Year for her work with the youth of the community, the WITA Female Icon Award and Mujer Imagen Award from the Mujer Imagen Foundation and Imagen magazine, among others. «I want to make a big difference! I feel that our work is unique and very original. I am a pioneer in providing the proper tools and guidance for kids in our community to understand absolutely everything about the entertainment industry,” said Cataño.

For more information about the seminar, please visit To register call 786-362-3188.

“How To Break Into Show Business and Succeed” is possible thanks Smile Studio Dental and Wellness Center by Dr. Raul Gonzalez, who always supports important events for the development of our Latino community in the United States.

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